Making A WordPress Speed Loader

Find out why how fast your WordPress blog loads is so important…

 Why It’s Important For Your Site To Load Fast

Speed Importance


There’s really no way around it. If your WordPress blog loads slowly, you’re losing traffic, and money!

Not only are you losing visitors that actually come to your blog, you’re also losing out on potential visitors from Google and other Search Engines.

We all live in a very fast paced World. People have things to do and places to be. Patience, especially when it comes to waiting for a Web site to load is extremely short. Very few people are content to wait for more than a few seconds before they close a tab unless they are saddled with a slow connection. This rings especially true with mobile device users which make up a larger portion of total web hits every month.

More importantly, when people are looking to spend money, mobile is the winner.

Unless you run your WordPress site for nothing but your personal pleasure, that means you are losing out on putting money in your pocket because of this. You’re losing sales, leads, commissions, and ad revenue. I don’t know about you, but I want everything I can get out of my investment in time and effort.

So it would seem you only have one option if you want to do that.
Fix the problem.
With WordPress, that often requires more than just a simple “install a plugin and forget it” approach. Besides that, it’s not very often really as simple as that anyway.

There are several key factors that directly affect just how fast your WordPress blog loads…

  • Plugins can cause your blog to load slowly.
  • Plugins with heavy PHP will  make you pay a huge price by slowing your WordPress site’s load time.
  • Plugins that add Video Players and slide shows that use heavy transitions or JavaScript will slow you down.
  • Flash Video Plugins will render videos on your site not viewable on an iPhone.
  • WordPress Themes can also be a problem if they use many large PHP scripts to perform functions.
  • Themes that have too much JavaScript can slow your load time.
  • The power of your Web host’s servers.

There really are too many subjects to take on with a single post. So I’m not going to do a hack job trying to do that. I will tell you how to solve some the problems here in this post. Then I will point you to solutions for the rest. Does that sound fair enough?

O.K. here goes…


How fast your servers are can play a big role in the equation. The extent that this affects your site’s load time depends on how fast your Web host or hosting  plan lets your site load. Some Web hosts also severly limit your sites Bandwidth which determines how many times content on your site may be viewed. Not every host offers Cloud hosting which is the fastest hosting medium.

Many of those that do charge a premium price for Cloud hosting. There is however a great solution available. To find out how to give your site the benefit of the fastest Web hosting available just check out the post “ The Best WordPress Web Host” for all the details.

Scripts & Themes

You can also eliminate any effects of excessively large scripts by just paying attention to what features your plugins and themes have. The general rule here is avoid complicated transitions and such. Keep things as simple as possible, and you should have no problems. The easiest way to find out if a feature or script is causing your site to slow down is to browse to your home page and  use all features available to visitors. If you have a problem, you’ll see where it is.


This is a biggie. It’s also the hardest to troubleshoot.However there are some givens, and we’ll get to those in a second. But first we need to look at some basic facts.

No two plugins will affect how fast your WordPress blog loads in the same way. Plugins that provide similar functions won’t impact your site’s load times in the same way. Just because a plugin does something simple that does not mean that plugin won’t make your site load slower. It’s not really about what the plugin does so much as how it does it that matters here.

It isn’t hard to figure out if a new plugin is causing your WordPress site to load slowly.
The ones you already have installed are another issue. There are no blanket rules with WordPress plugins and their impact on load times, except one…

The more plugins you have installed (not just activated, installed) on your blog, the slower your site will load.

That’s not to say you can’t have quite a few plugins and still have a fast loading WordPress installation too. On the contrary, there are some that will actually drastically improve the speed of your WordPress blog dramatically even if you ignore all the other factors already mentioned.

As I stated early on in this post, this is far too deep a subject to cover properly in a single blog post. I also promised a solution. Time for that solution now…

There is no better way to properly cover a subject that good, step-by-step videos. You can cover as much or little ground as time permits, and if you have problems with something you can always easily refresh your memory. A good tactic is to pause the video while completing the steps so  you are able to keep on track. This helps you to not leave out an important step that will ruin your results.

So with that in mind here’s the ultimate solution for getting WordPress to load fast…

WordPress Speed Loader Videos

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