How Add A Hover "Pin It" Button To WordPress

Add A “Pin It” hover button to WordPress…

Add Pinterest hover button on Images in WordPress

Add “Pin it” pinterest image hover button to images in posts of WordPress website using free jQuery plugin. Visit – Twitter – http://w…

Pinterest can be a great source of highly targeted traffic to send to affiliate links and your own products. Pinterest is all about shopping, and the average user has plenty of money to spend. That makes Pinterest a must have social media account if you are promoting any kind of product.

Adding a hover “Pin It” button to images makes Pinterest users feel right at home as this duplicates the button that appears when ever you hover over an image on Pinterest. This also makes sharing on Pinterest far easier for Pinterest users. Having your images pinned by Pinterst users can not only provide you with highly targeted buying traffic it also gives you social proof plus valuable backlinks from a high trffic social media site. It’s all good, there is no downside to adding a “Pin It” hover button to your WordPress blog.

Need Some Help With Pinterst?

It can be a challenge to create an effective Pinterest profile.

Pinterest is different than any other popular social media site. There’s definately a “Right” way to do Pinterest, and a “Wrong” way. Do things right, and you’re rewarded with plenty of buying traffic and loyal new customers. Do Pinterest wrong, and you’re only wasting time and money, You could even hurt your businesses reputation badly by getting banned. If you are either new to Pinterest or still not sure how everything works there’s a great free guide you can download that will help you understand how to effectively use Pinterst to promote your businesses products and services. You can download Pinterest Fast Start for free from right now by using this link…

Free Pinterest Fast Start

Even many Pinterest users don’t know how to effectively use Pinterest to promote their business. There are far more marketers using Pinterest than there are making money from Pinterest. If one of those people and you are ready to step up and start making a profit for your efforts then you may find this interesting…

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