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Google Hangouts For Business: How To Use Google Hangouts To Grow Your Business

Streamed live on May 30, 2013 Google Hangouts For Business. In this video Mia Davies interviews me on how to use Google hangouts to build your authority in the market place and how to get more customers. We cover how to invite people to a hangout and some strategies on how to use hangouts to create a years worth of content for your website or blog in 20 minutes.


In my last post you learned how to embed a Google+ Hangout on your WordPress blog. Since you now know how to add a Google Hangout to your WordPress site, it seems only right that you also know how to run an effective Google+ Hangout as well.

This video is a recording of an offline Google Hangout. This can be done using several methods one of which is mentioned in the video. However, it is also possible to stream a live Hangout on your YouTube Channel. By doing this you also get a recording of the Google+ Hangout posted to your YouTube Channel.

Google Hangouts are rapidly growing as one of the most popular events on the Web.

In addition, your blog also gets a boost from the link  plus plenty of positive exposure. Google Hangouts are a great way to establish yourself as a real expert in your chosen Niche.

There are plenty of great reasons to hold your own Google+ Hangouts, and the video does a fantastic job of showing how to do it. The video goes through all the basics you must know before trying to hold your own Hangouts. There is also plenty of very useful information in this recording that will introduce you to some of the more advanced options available when hosting Google Hangouts.