Why You Should Use WordPress For Business

There are plenty of reasons WordPress is a good choice for a business Website. Of all the top CMS (Content Management Systems) choices WordPress is easily the most user friendly. Even people with little or no experience creating content for the Web can create and publish posts with minimal or no training required. The video […]

How To Create Quality Content For WordPress Fast!

Creating quality content for a blog is a tough job. Many bloggers spend the majority of their time simply creating content for their blogs. Not only does that quickly turn into a grind, it can keep you from expanding your business due to lack of time. Of course you could take the option of having […]

Rapid Content Wizard: Automatically Create Quality Content For WordPress!

Oh, The Pain! One of the most painful tasks a blog owner faces is creating content. It’s typical to invest many long hours of your time simply producing quality content for your blog. If you have several sites it only gets worse! Many people with multiple WordPress blogs elect to pay someone else to create […]

Embedding A Google Drive Video On WordPress

Posting your own videos is great for branding your business. Unfortunately if you don’t want the videos you post to be available for anyone to share or embed then you can forget about YouTube, Vimeo and other free video hosting sites. For that most people opt for paid hosting sites. While that may not be […]

How To Create A Mobile WordPress Site

With Smart Phones and Tablets taking the role of primary Internet provider for more and more people each year it makes a lot of sense to have a mobile site for your business. This can involve the creation of a dedicated mobile Web site, an additional expense. Another problem is the scripts used to identify […]

Easy WordPress Niche Keyword Research

Few things impact the profitability of a WordPress blog more than keyword research. Many people gloss over the issue and concentrate instead on the niche. That can be a problem if you are targeting the wrong keywords. Buyers tend to use certain search terms when they are ready to make a purchase. These terms are […]

A Video About WordPress As A CMS

WordPress is certainly the most popular CMS around. But is it the best? WordPress has a huge following for many reasons. Themes, plugins and the WordPress Community are just three of those reasons. These are also the major advantages of using WordPress as a CMS. Changing the look of every other major CMS platform requires […]

How To Add A Google News Feed To WordPress

If you have a topical or news based blog you may want to add a feed from the Google News RSS to your WordPress site. This has several advantages none the least of which is placing information Google itself as identifies as authority content side by side with your content. This tends to help you […]

How To Create A Custom WordPress Menu

Where you choose to display the menu for your WordPress site is not restricted to your theme’s default choices. Most themes place the menu above or below the header. But what if you would rather have your menu in a sidebar widget? Using a sidebar widget makes a lot of sense if you have many […]

Choosing Your Widgets In WordPress

There are plenty of reasons you could want to have certain widgets appear only on certain pages. You might want to target affiliate or AdWords advertising by the topic of your post for instance. By default WordPress always shows exactly the same widgets regardless of what page or post is displayed. You generally can’t have […]