Some WordPress Secrets

Like many other of the free software platforms available WordPress has many “Secrets” if you will many users  are completely unaware of… WordPress Secrets A few hidden secrets of WordPress that will save you time and frustration. As you can see from the video many of these things are right out in the open. The […]

WordPress Tips And Tricks

WordPress has a simularity to life in that there is always something new to learn. WordPress is one of the more complex tools available to Marketers. Few users make full use of all the features and quirks that WordPress offers. The usual reason for this is simply because they are unaware that these even exist. […]

What's The Difference Between And

There seems to be a considerable amount of confusion about the differences between and Why are there 2 sites? Take a few moments to watch the video below for all the details… vs In this video hosted by we give you a comprehensive look at the primary differences between […]

Superior WordPress Hosting Support

Every Web Hosting company  offers technical support of some kind. Most of the larger companies offer what is called “Full Support” meaning you can ask them about any issue concerning your hosting account and they will usually reply within 24 Hours of receiving your inquiry. In order to do this you must often first open […]

Tips To Secure WordPress

In the vast sea of information available on the Web about WordPress one of the most overlooked subjects is WordPress Security. While the subject is far less exciting than most WordPress topics, it is vital to keeping all your other hard work safe from the multitude of active hackers who seek out WordPress blogs in […] The Best WordPress Web Host

I understand that the title of this post is a bold statement. Especially when you consider the fact that hardly anyone has ever even heard of Hosting at this point. Before you reach the end of this post I believe you will agree that Insty me Hosting is the best Web Hosting available. For […]

Using The WordPress Admin Dashboard

The WordPress dashboard is an integral part of the blogging platform. The dashboard provides information on the current state of your blog. The dashboard is made up of several widgets, each of which provides a particular type of information. While the average blogger probably has little use or interest for many parts of the WordPress […]

How To Add Social Media Icons To Your WordPress Header

Social Media has had a huge impact on the way people find content on the Internet. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and Tumblr send more traffic to Web pages than all the search engines combined! No longer are site rankings determined by having the most backlinks. It’s not the number of backlinks that matters […]

A Writers Review Of WordPress

So what makes WordPress a great medium for writing? The answer to that question is a personal one for many WordPress users. The video below offers a review of using WordPress to write. The author is a Writer, so the comments are certainly valid. Take a few moments to watch the video and find out […]

Benefits Of Using WordPress

What makes WordPress so great? The majority of the  new sites being created every day on the Internet are WordPress installations. There are millions of WordPress sites all over the World. WordPress is rated as the most popular Content Management System (CMS) by every source. And WordPress does not simply lead the other CMS choices, […]

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