Lock Down WordPress Security With WP-Padlock

Hackers are after your WordPress blog… [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qRYxncZKcjA 600 430[/youtube] Hackers just love WordPress. Is your WordPress blog their next target? There are over 8 million WordPress installations Worldwide. Some people think that because of that number, they don’t need to worry about security. That couldn’t be farther from the truth… We’re not just talking about […]

WordPress For Business

Here’s some good reasons to consider WordPress for small businesses… Why Use WordPress for a Small Business Website? http://wordpressforbusiness.org WordPress isn’t just for blogging. More small business owners are using it for their entire websites. This video highlights s… More and more small businesss owners turn to WordPress as a platform for getting their brand […]

Adding Links To Your WordPress Sidebar

All you need to know about adding links to your WordPress sidebar… Adding Links and Images to Your WordPress Sidebar In this wordpress tutorial, I will demonstrate how to add links and images to your wordpress sidebar without any HTML knowledge. More tutorials on our site h… Black Studio TinyMCE Widget is a very solid WordPress […]

WordPress eCommerce

Here’s a good look at some ways to make money with your WordPress blog… What Can YOU Do With WordPress- Ecommerce If you blog, you know that WordPress is a killer blogging software that you can use to create your own blog. But WordPress is way more flexible than JUST blo… The majority of WordPress […]

WordPress Affiliate Marketing Options

How to make money with affiliate marketing using WordPress… How to Make Money Online with a Blog – Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, CPA… http://zfer.us/GIiXg Learn how to make money online with a blog in 10 minutes! For FREE eBooks on how to start a successful internet business and build a web… There are plenty of options […]

How To Set Up WordPress For Affiliate Marketing

How to set up your WordPress blog for affiliate marketing… Setup WordPress For An Affiliate Marketing Website Free Web Hosting – SMEhosting.us Setup WordPress For An Affiliate Marketing Website. WordPress makes a great platform for doing affiliate marketing. The easy availability of themes to give your site just the right look for any Niche allows […]

How To Secure A WordPress Blog

The most common attack used by hackers on WordPress is the “Brute Force Attack.” Watch the video, ( Caution, the opening and closing Music is LOUD!) and discover an easy way to prevent this. Be sure to look after the post for something important… Securing Your WordPress Site by Preventing Brute Force Login Attacks http://uploadwp.com/securing-your-wordpress-site/ […]

WordFence WordPress Security Plugin

WordFence is a great WordPress security plugin. Check out the video below to find out why. For even more useful information look below the video… Protect Your WordPress Site with this MUST HAVE Security Plugin – WordFence Visit http://www.marketingwithmiles.com for more daily videos, internet marketing tips, strategies, and insights. Here are links mentioned in the […]

WordPress SEO Secret

I know a secret about WordPress. Wanna hear??… 16 – Using the SEO Friendly Images Plugin to Optimize Images We want to take every opportunity that we can to tell the search engines what our website is about, and another way to do that is through images. Everytime y… Search Engines still can’t read an […]

More WordPress Secrets

There are several things to consider before starting a new WordPress blog. Many of them might strike you as merely common sense, but that only applies if you are experienced… 13 Secrets to WordPress Blog Creation In this video I reveal the 13 secrets to blog creation. This is a video series that I give […]

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