Making WordPress Work With Mobile Devices

Going mobile with WordPress… 5 Ways To Make Your WordPress Site Mobile Compatible This video shows you five different ways you can convert your WordPress site to a mobile website. When you consider the fact that mobile devices now make up a large portion of total Web traffic it just makes sense to make […]

Adding Code To WordPress Posts Without Fear

Adding HTML code to posts and pages in WordPress… Adding HTML Code to WordPress Very Basic tutorial on adding html code to WordPress in the main editor. See also In answ… It is entirely possible to publish posts and pages in WordPress without adding HTML code in your posts or pages. WordPress will do […]

Adding HTML To WordPress Widgets Without Knowing HTML

Good tip for HTML novices… WordPress: Tip on How to Insert HTML Code Ethemed video tutorial on a great tip on how to insert html code into your WordPress website. If you know nothing about HTML, it can be intimidating to try to add some code when you actually need to. The technique the author […]

WordPress Custom Menu Options

Adding custom menus to WordPress… WordPress 3 Tutorial Part 8: Custom Menus Part of the WordPress tutorial segment of the Internet Empowerment Series hosted by Social Media Survival Guide author, Deltina Hay, this session talks about… By default WordPress allows you to have complete control of what is shown in your site’s navigation. You can […]

Adding A Custom Pinterest Feed To WordPress

Adding a dedicated Pinterest feed to WordPress… How to Add a Pinterest Pin Board to Your WordPress Blog How to Add a Pinterest Pin Board to Your WordPress Blog This tutorial shows you how to add your favorite Pinterest Pin board to your WordPress blog. Because … Facebook may be the biggest source of social […]

Making A WordPress Speed Loader

Find out why how fast your WordPress blog loads is so important…  Why It’s Important For Your Site To Load Fast Speed Importance   There’s really no way around it. If your WordPress blog loads slowly, you’re losing traffic, and money! Not only are you losing visitors that actually come to your blog, you’re also […]

Must Have WordPress Plugins For Small Business

Here’s a list of plugins for WordPress business sites… Top Five WordPress Plugins for Small Business Websites What are the best Wordpres plugins? In this video, Bob Dunn of shares his top five plugins for a small business Wor… When you say the top or best anything you, are walking on thin ice. […]

Google Hangout Training

Some great training on how to run a Google Hangout…   Google Hangouts For Business: How To Use Google Hangouts To Grow Your Business Streamed live on May 30, 2013 Google Hangouts For Business. In this video Mia Davies interviews me on how to use Google hangouts to build your authority in the market place and […]

Using A Google Hangout To Capture A Testimonial

Here’s how to capture a testimonial with a Google+ Hangout… How To Capture A Customer Testimonial On A Google Hangout   Streamed live on May 21, 2013 How To Capture A Customer Testimonial On A Google Hangout Video testamonials can be a powerful asset for any marketer. With literally thousands of bogus, fabricated testimonials littering sales […]

Embed Google Hangouts On WordPress

How to embed a Google Hangout on WordPress… How To Embed Google Hangout On A WordPress Blog – Internet Marketing Training With Sue Soucy YOU have something to share with the world. Find out how I get paid to Blog, Make Videos and Hang out on Facebook all day, check out my video at http://actio… […]