How to Get Traffic To Your Website (Fast!) 2019

List Building with WordPress and AWeber

List building is obviously important and if you want to be successful as a Lifestyle Entrepreneur then you have to learn how to leverage technology so you can automate as much as possible and actually live this lifestyle.

How To Get Traffic To Your Website or Blog in 2019

Here is a brief outline of what the video is about: #1: Using H1 tag only once This is a very frequent mistake – many bloggers assign H1 tag to each Heading and Subheading in their blogpost. This can have a detrimental effect on your rankings, because H1 should only be used once in the […]

Delete All Spam Comments In WordPress At Once

How to Properly Add Google AdSense to Your WordPress Site

Copywriting Word Association That Forces People to Read, Click, & Buy

Boring doesn’t sell. That’s that. In order to make your content sell, you need to make it engaging, fascinating, and irresistible to your customers. Improv comedian turned copywriter, Heath Wilcock, will take the stage and share how he writes to make copy stand out, impress, and sell to an audience. By creating entertaining pre-sell pages […]

How to Scan Your WordPress Site for Malicious Code – WordPress Security

In this episode I’m going to show you How to Scan Your WordPress Site for Malicious Code. WordPress Security is a hot topic right now since it seems a lot of websites are coming under attack, potentially getting hacked or just getting defaced. The plug-in that I’m going to demonstrate today is a very popular […]

How to Make a Video Blog in Five Steps

Video Blogs (or vlogs) are some of the most popular videos on YouTube, and they surprised everyone. How could videos of a person just talking to a camera compete with multi-million dollar movies and polished corporate ad campaigns? Because they’re real, they’re personal, and they reflect one person’s unfiltered thoughts. This video lays out how […]

Increase traffic to WordPress – a simple trick to increase your WordPress traffic

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