How To Properly set up your Cookie Notice Plugin

Have you installed a cookie policy plugin recently? Perhaps because of all the GDPR hype? If you have, what exactly is your cookie plugin doing? By default, the majority of them do nothing at all. This video will take one of the most popular of them, Cookie Notice, and show you how to properly set […]

Best Gutenberg Blocks Plugin – Ultimate Addons For Gutenberg (FREE)

With so many blocks to choose from, what block pack should you choose? In this video, I will be taking a look at Ultimate Add-ons For Gutenberg which is the #1 most used Gutenberg block package. This is the 1 package I will be using on all of my websites. You install UAG right from […]

10 Essential Plugins For Your Gutenberg WordPress Site

The new WordPress Gutenberg Editor is one of the most exciting (and scary!) things to hit WordPress in years. New plugins are popping up everywhere, and now is the time to get ahead of the curve and adopt these new new plugins for your site! The plugins in this video are: 1. Custom Color Palettes […]

WordPress Page Options Tips

WordPress Admin Page Options

Is The New Gutenberg Editor Really Progress?

Is The Gutenberg Block Editor Really An Improvement, Or Simply Going Backwards? First off, I don’t hate WordPress’s new Gutenberg Block Editor. In fact, there are several features I absolutely adore! The ability to easily add a background image or color to a section is awesome to name one feature I truly love! On the […]

GDPR WordPress plugins comparison

UPDATE: A lot of people asked me directly which one I recommend… Since that video, WP GDPR Fix has added few improvements, including multi-lingual support and tracking of the acceptance of cookies and T&C and PP… So, it makes it the number one for me now… Meanwhile, Uber still haven’t added what they said they […]

Build A Landing Page With WordPress Using The Block Editor [Gutenberg]

Learn how to build a landing page with WordPress in under 30 minutes by using the new block editor of WordPress (Gutenberg) Combine it with templates and block friendly layouts that can be customized with no efforts, offered by Otter. Step by step landing page: Step 1 – Install Neve WordPress Theme 0:35 Step 2 […]

Verify Your WordPress Site With Google In Less Than 5 Minutes


How To Get A New PLR WordPress Plugin For Free

Check out this video to discover how to get a brand new WordPress Plugin With Unrestricted PLR Rights For Free…     iDevelop WP is offering their latest WordPress plugin with Unrestricted PLR Rights for free on a “First-Come-First-Served” basis. The giveaway is part of an ongoing campaign to educate marketers about how to use resale […]

WordPress Niche Site Keyword Research

Choosing the right keywords for your WordPress niche blog… Keyword niche research for your WordPress Website Keyword niche research for your WordPress Website. It … wThe number 1 reason Web sites fail to make money? Lack of proper keyword research would be the answer to that question. Keyword research may not be exciting, but […]