How To Install Google Analytics On WordPress

This video shows you How to Install and Use Google Analytics on WordPress – in just 2 Steps. What is Google Analytics? Google Analytics is a very simple tool which helps you see everything that’s happening on your site. With the help of which, you can see – how your site is performing so that […]

5 Simple Ways to Get More Traffic

Starting a site has become easy with platforms like WordPress to help you get started. Once the site is set up, however, the next big challenge you have is to bring more traffic to your blog or website. In this video, we will give you five actionable ways to get more traffic to your website. […]

Best GDPR WordPress Plugins for Free

I found these 4 GDPR Free Plugins for WordPress to cover all EU GDPR Data Protection Law requirements: privacy policy, cookie law, cookie consent, etc. GDPR Implementation is due on 25th May 2018 for EU users on your websites and apps. Try these GDPR WordPress Plugins but please keep in mind that it is not […]

3 Ways To Reply To Comments Inside WordPress

In this tutorial you will learn the 3 ways (and a bonus 4th way) to reply to any WordPress comment. This is for a stock WordPress installation. You can install WordPress comment plugins that will give you even more options. So, the four ways to interact with WordPress comments are: 1. Via the comment widget […]

Build A Membership Site On WordPress

Build the profitable online course or membership program that you’ve been dreaming of. One that allows you to sell programs, teach your expertise effectively, and keep clients engaged for longer … with all the powerful flexibility of a tool that will grow with you (no more budgeting for those expensive migrations every time you outgrow […]

Gutenberg from Scratch: How to Create a Custom Block

WordPress GDPR Compliance

WordPress GDPR Compliance In this video, I show you the WordPress GDPR Compliance tools and discuss why WordPress GDPR is important. I also show you the WordPress GDPR tools and demonstrate how to use them.

Video Blogging Tips and Tricks | 10 Video Blogging Tips

Check out the New Camera I use for Vlogging HERE: See my Video Blogging Camera Review here: Check out some video blog examples on my seanTHiNKs channel: Video By Sean Cannell: Flip UltraHD Camcorder October 2012 Update – I use this stuff now: Topics: Complete Video Blogging Training For […]

Cross-site Scripting (XSS) Attacks Explained – Better WordPress Security | WP Learning Lab

What is an XSS attack? A hacker tricks a trusted site into putting malicious code onto their visitors computers. A website vulnerable to XSS attacks will receive a script (via a link for example) and execute that script in the browser. Steps of an XSS Attack 1. An attacker distributes links containing malicious code directed […]

How to Manage Comments in WordPress

Learn how to work with Comments in WordPress in this walk-through video. We show you how to access the settings that affect comments, and also how to Delete or modify an existing comment. Below is an Outline of the steps – Managing WordPress Comments: 1. Login to WordPress Dashboard 2. Click “Settings” then “Discussion.” 3. […]