How to Scan Your WordPress Site for Malicious Code – WordPress Security

In this episode I’m going to show you How to Scan Your WordPress Site for Malicious Code. WordPress Security is a hot topic right now since it seems a lot of websites are coming under attack, potentially getting hacked or just getting defaced. The plug-in that I’m going to demonstrate today is a very popular […]

How to Make a Video Blog in Five Steps

Video Blogs (or vlogs) are some of the most popular videos on YouTube, and they surprised everyone. How could videos of a person just talking to a camera compete with multi-million dollar movies and polished corporate ad campaigns? Because they’re real, they’re personal, and they reflect one person’s unfiltered thoughts. This video lays out how […]

Increase traffic to WordPress – a simple trick to increase your WordPress traffic

Track WordPress Traffic 🚀 Analytics to the Next Level – 💯Free Resource

WordPress GDPR Plugin

Get to know our new WordPress GDPR Plugin covering all functionalities, that you need for the new EU-Law coming on 25th of May.

4 New Free Website Traffic Sources – Get Free Traffic Fast

Need free traffic? Learn how to increase traffic to your website for free, fast! I use these free traffic sources and methods myself to get real free traffic to my website (aka blog). You can implement these strategies instantly, as they do not require lengthy link building or SEO. Strategy 1: Quora traffic – This […]

How to Curate Content into Post

Adding an article URL to a Wodpress Blog post. Save RSS Feeds in to find your article

Block Hacker IPs With The WordFence WordPress Plugin – WordPress Security | WP Learning Lab

In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to use the WordFence WordPress plugin to block hacker IPs from accessing your website. As well as show you some tricks to finding IPs for people who are doing suspicious activities on your website. First things first, you need to install the Wordfence plugin. The free […]

Restrict dashboard access to WordPress users in very simple steps

In this tutorial, we will learn how to restrict dashboard access to users in WordPress website using two methods: 1- using simple code editing method, 2- using plugin method

WordPress Reading Settings Walkthrough – What’s In The Reading Settings?

Make sure all your WordPress settings are as they should be is an important part of managing your WordPress website. The WordPress reading settings have some important options that you may want to check out. Let’s get right to it. First, there is the Front Page Displays option were you determine what is shown on […]