GDPR WordPress plugins comparison

UPDATE: A lot of people asked me directly which one I recommend… Since that video, WP GDPR Fix has added few improvements, including multi-lingual support and tracking of the acceptance of cookies and T&C and PP… So, it makes it the number one for me now… Meanwhile, Uber still haven’t added what they said they […]

5 Free WordPress Plugins to Speed Up Your Website with Caching & Image Optimization

Here are 5 free (seriously, FREE) WordPress plugins that will take your website from a poor score on Google PageSpeed Insights to a near perfect score. I demonstrate in this video tutorial how installing and configuring these plugins takes my PageSpeed Insights score from a 48 to a 95! Now, my WordPress blog loads much […]

“Magic” For Your Conversion Rate

 WP RevealZ Discount Keep Your Visitors Eyes Glued To Your Pages With “Magical” Delayed Content! First, They See Nothing…[reveal-after-delay = 00.10] Then, The Page Starts To Appear[/reveal-after-delay] [reveal-after-delay = 00.15] Introducing WP RevealZ Easy Timed Display Content For WordPress [/reveal-after-delay] [reveal-after-delay = 00.13]Your conversion rate can be your biggest enemy, or your best ally. […]

How To Get A New PLR WordPress Plugin For Free

Check out this video to discover how to get a brand new WordPress Plugin With Unrestricted PLR Rights For Free…     iDevelop WP is offering their latest WordPress plugin with Unrestricted PLR Rights for free on a “First-Come-First-Served” basis. The giveaway is part of an ongoing campaign to educate marketers about how to use resale […]

Free WordPress Affiliate Links Plugin

Get the WP Affiliate Links  plugin for free…     Click Here To Get Your Free Copy Of WP Affilliate Links WordPress is a great tool for affiliate marketers. Publishing a review of an affiliate product is a great way to get clicks on your affiliate links. There are opportunities to cash in no matter […]

Backlink Comando – Unlimited Authority Backlinks

Free Seo “Quick Strike” Report Backlinks still play a vital role in WordPress SEO. But backlinks are not just backlinks anymore. There was a time when just having a bazillion backlinks was your ticket to page one rankings.  Google dumped that algorithm for one that looks more at the quality than the quantity of the […]

How To Use WordPress To Market To Facebook Groups

Just imagine being able to post affiliate offers directly to Facebook Groups from WordPress on complete autopilot! What an asset that would be to any affiliate marketer. Today, you can stop imagining, and start doing exactly that. With the launch of the new Social Group Infiltrator plugin for WordPress what was once only a dream turns […]

The WordPress eCommerece Plugin

Using the WP ECommerce Plugin… WordPress WP eCommerce Plugin – Before you Start for e-commerce and membership video series for WordPress Private Label Videos 6 things you need to consider… This is a very popular WordPress plugin. The plugin carries a high rating with users so it’s certainly a solid choice when it […]

WordPress eCommerce Plugins

When the intro is over this is a look into WordPress  eCommerce plugins… Setup a WordPress Store Quickly with Ecommerce Plugins More on setting up a WordPress store can be found here: On my we… The video is a bit long in the intro. It takes the author too long really to get to […]

Using The Free Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin

Amazon affiliates will love this free WordPress plugin… Tutorial: Using Amazon Affiliate Plugin This tutorial is about how to use Amazon Affiliate Plugin for WordPress (, this plugin seems to… If you promote the right Amazon product as an affiliate you can make good commissions. Put enough good selling products on a WordPress site and […]

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