How To Start A Blog

Add Commenting to your WordPress Blog – Disqus

Here I demonstrate how you can add a commenting system to your WordPress website or blog. We will use the ‘Disqus’ commenting system, its easy to install, easy to moderate, and looks appealing. ====================================== 00:28 – Key Features of the Disqus Commenting System / Sign up 01:23 – Add your Site to your Account 02:23 […]

Top 7 Free WooCommerce Themes For eCommerce Websites

1. Zakra WordPress WooCommerce Theme 2. Shopping Cart WordPress WooCommerce Theme 3. Shopline WordPress WooCommerce Theme 4. OceanWP WordPress WooCommerce Theme 5. ShopIsle WordPress WooCommerce Theme 6. eStore WordPress WooCommerce Theme 7. Zigcy Lite WordPress WooCommerce Theme

How to monetize a WordPress blog

OK, you have a blog, but you have no idea how to make money with it. If you watched the video you already know what to do. Personally I like making money through affiliate program. But if you have your own products and services that’s even better. Making money blogging is not easy. You need […]

5 Of The Best Tips To Rank Your SEO Copywriting Projects SEO copywriting is all about crafting content, so compelling that other people want to promote it, link to it, and share it on social media. Here are five tips to rank your SEO copywriting projects today. One, focus on long tail keywords for your keyword. Instead of wasting money and time, trying to rank […]

Finding Your Blogging Voice

Finding your blogging voice. What is your blogging voice? How do you find your own unique style and voice. We all have one. You do too.

Free Social Media Tools to Automate Your Posts

In this video, you’ll discover 2 incredible social media automation tools and how to work them into your social media strategy. These tools are awesome because they’re free and, once you set them up, they’re completely hands-off. You’ll learn about Zapier and IFTTT, how they work, and how to incorporate them into your social media […]

How to Sell Digital Products with WordPress using Easy Digital Downloads

Get more website traffic with content Syndication

Here’s a strategy I’ve used to help me get 4 million hits per month to one of my websites. Its content syndication, done right. I’ll show you how to repurpose your content to increase your website traffic.

Business Cast Free WordPress Theme